I will be using this page to track my latest/future exhibitions and events. I will also be using it to highlight a variety of third party exhibitions and events that I feel are interesting, exciting and useful in the wider, diverse art world.

Event Name Location Date & Time

Eye for Artists Art Show

Dreamspace Gallery

1-3 Dufferin Street
Tel: +44 (020) 7562 8282

June 2nd is a preview evening from 6pm till 9.00 pm and the Gallery will be open June 3rd ,closed weekend, June 6th, June 7th June 8th and June 9th
9.30 am - 5pm.
Spitalfields Market Art Fair Bushfield Street
E1 6AA
28th July till 31st July

Artland Foundation

Elena is an ambassador for Artland Foundation, this project will be the largest most diverse and creative park in the world . It will have galleries, workshops, restaurants, shops, hotels and leisure facilities. The parkland will incorporate a variety of landscapes with running routes and play areas integrated throughout to provide a holistic experience for all the family.
The purpose of the park is to make art accessible to all. To nurture and discover new talent through the sculpture academy and to bring peace to the world through art.
Every artist, sculpture, poet, writer, singers, actors, dancers the list goes on, will have a place in Artland, this majestic foundation will be a wonderland to spread love and peace throughout the world via the Arts, please join the charity by visiting
Elena's work is also available in prints of all sizes

Running intuitive expressive Art Classes for all those that wish to open up to their fullest potential. Classes of 5 or more.

For more information please email me on elenaec1212@gmail.com