Why I paint.

I paint to hear my voice because there are places of honesty and beauty that I go to when I express creatively through my art that I can't always go to in my life. It’s like it allows me to breathe.

I paint to let the light into my being and the darkness out, to own myself, capturing the rhythms of my cycles, journeying into the abyss to travel through glory. I travel through time and space entwined with the magic the Universe beholds.

I paint to allow myself to feel, climbing inside my emotions and exploring their influences and textures, summoning my tears to let them wash me hot and clean, then drain me empty and free.

I paint myself alive and reborn, whole and holy, to experience myself transformed. I paint because I hurt and because I love, because I have been through many trials and tribulations, so I won't lose anything.

I paint because I am sensual and spiritual and need to make contact with the Divine. Painting for me is like touching. It is rubbing and rolling my body against the divine until my boundaries dissolve and I no longer know where I begin and the canvass ends.

I become part of the Universe and paint to become eternal, to leave a piece of me stained into the ethers, and so my children and grandchildren will have a piece of my energy when I go back home, when I am gone.

I paint because it's a gift from God and so I honour this special Divine gift, as it's a part of my life and I am in full gratitude and thank every day.